Extreme Introversion

Often enough, people misconstrue the meaning of introversion and extroversion. They automatically think that just because one is shy, one is introverted; likewise, if one is outgoing, they are perceived as extroverted. It isn’t quite far from the truth, but it isn’t what defines and discerns the two. What people also fail to understand is that introverted individuals also have extroverted traits. However, many strive to be called the so called “ambivert”. For one to be classified ambivert, one must be able to have a fine balance between both sides, much harder than others may be led to believe.

Within every one of us, there is an equilibrium point, an area which we strive to achieve. At this point, we are content, we are intrigued, we are in our natural state of ‘prime’. Where we are situated in relation to this prime point is what defines us as introverted or extroverted. For the purposes of this article, I would like to focus on those that are introverted.


An introvert is one who is above this threshold point, always actively thinking and stuck within their mind. With introverts, it does not take an external stimuli to reach a high point. Instead, because the introvert is
already exceeding this threshold, they need time to recharge when their senses are heightened by outside stimuli. Of course no introvert is the same. The degree of introversion varies from slight to extreme.

Slight introversion is characterized by enjoying time by one’s self, but also being able to withstand being around people for longer periods of time. An individual may be able to thrive when his/her senses are heightened, but must retreat every now and then. Those that are slightly introverted will not have a hard time being around parties and large crowds that often. They may even be able to work a crowd with no problem! With that said, those that fall into the realm of extreme introversion are quite the polar opposite.

With extreme introversion, individuals need an exorbitant amount of space and time to themselves. After a large gathering or being around with people for a few days, they become so drained that they retreat. They are the type that would not mind eating out on their own or doing things on their own. They prefer and have no problem with one-on-one conversations and love to focus their attention on one thing at a time. What extroverts may not understand is that introverts can be very sociable and talkative when pulled aside, but in the presence of a collective, they may retreat into their own world and fall silent. It could be that they may appear almost as two different people under these two circumstances. With extreme introversion, social anxiety is often a result. Social anxiety is the bane of an introvert’s existence. Do not get me wrong, extroverts may also be subdued by such anxieties, but more often than not, it is the introvert that is afflicted.

Extroverts, do not try to change the introvert’s mentality, this is just how we are. It isn’t that we should be perceived as downers, but should be accepted as being perfectly content on our own at times. There are times that introverts just need the space to exercise their creativity, ponder life’s meaning, and reflect on its progression. We will come to you when we are ready, but let us do it on our own time. In a world where extroversion is looked upon favorably, it is extremely tough to be an introvert. If they aren’t ready to do something, it will only make them resent you for making them do something they aren’t comfortable with.

Signs of Extreme Introversion:

  • Going out only a few times a year
  • Completing activities normally done in groups of 2 or more
  • Staying in for a day or for a weekend is your idea of fun and relaxation
  • Avoiding crowds because you find it difficult to breathe around them
  • Constantly being caught up inside your thoughts/ extremely contemplative
  • Prefers spending time with one individual at a time

To all extroverts, please understand that this is just how we gain our inspirations and generate creativity. All this inner work allows us to be the tender, loving soul that you deem as your loved one 🙂

Introverts…What kind of introvert are you? Are you often misunderstood? What is it that makes you tick?






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