Signs You Grew Up In The 90s

Every Millennial will tell you there is nothing like the good old 90’s. Growing up in the 90’s was a whole new world of experiences. What things are now, compared to back then, are completely different. In fact, the highlights of the average millennial lies in the experiences of the 90’s. Everything was different in the 90’s; the way we dressed, the music we listened to, the shows we found exciting, the frustrations of the technology we worked with were all fond memories of our childhood and teenage years.


Good old millenials, do I even have to remind you of all the boy bands and girl bands that emerged back in the day? Remember the days of the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, 98 degrees, and N’sync in their prime? Remember Tu Pac, Eminem, and Alanis Moresette? What about Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Aerosmith, Bush? The music we listened to were on cassette tapes, with live performances recorded on VHS. I remembered having to manually rewind the tapes when they got jammed in the VCR. Let’s not forget Napster and the MP3 players that evolved long before the first IPod. Don’t forget the frustrations of CD players when they skipped and we had to clean the back of the CD because they were dirty. These were just a few of the many woes experienced in our childhood days. We hated it then, but the nostalgia it brings is so powerful.


Music was definitely different back then, but so was the internet. Many of us can share in the frustrations of a 14.4k dial-up modem or a 56k. AOL was so popular and the traditional “you’ve got mail” sound always made our hearts flutter when we were able to finally connect to the internet instead of hearing a busy signal. AIM was definitely the thing of the past and was the first thing we tried sign on to when we got home. The other frustrating thing about the internet was Netscape! I would remember seeing the Netscape logo twirl at least 20 times before the page loaded. It was so frustrating to watch, I swear most of our childhoods were robbed by waiting for Netscape to load. Whenever I talk to my friends, we would all sigh at the struggles we had growing up in the 90’s. The struggle was real.

Last, but not least, our TV shows were completely different from now! I miss Family Matters, Rugrats, Animaniacs, Fresh Prince of Bellaire, and Boy Meets World.There are so many amazing shows that we had growing up. There were science shows like Bill Nine the Science Guy or the Magic School Bus. Let’s not forget the classic movies like Clueless, Serendipity, and 51st Dates. And let’s not lie, it makes us feel old when we think about how everyone is now grown up including the Olsen Twins. Many of us are now married and have families of our own, but the struggles we had growing up will be the stories we tell our children when we want to tell them how much better off they are now than back then. But lets face it, we secretly loved it now looking back at it all.

Signs you grew up in the 90s:

Connecting to the internet was difficult and required patience

It took you at least one minute before every page would load

AIM was your best friend and AIM profiles were spiffy

Saved By the Bell, Boy Meets World, and the Power Rangers were some shows you never missed

Everything was recorded on a VCR and Region Free

CD players skipped often and were bulky, but the hottest thing around

You know what a floppy disc is

UFO and baggy pants were the IN thing

You had to turn over a cassette tape to side two before you could listen to more songs

Standardized Tests were done on paper with #2 Pencils

Pre-paid phones were amazing

You had to press the same number 2-3 times on a keypad before you could get to the right letter you want when text messaging on a cell phone

When you hear a song from the 90s you rock out to it. When you hear the new songs on the radio, you think about how it isn’t as good as the old days.

You had a large backpack with all of your books because kindles and epub did not exist.




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