Tucked away downtown in the financial district, Thalassa is a shining gem of effervescence. Thalassa brings forth a soothing ambiance once you step foot through its doors, decked in colors that put the eyes and soul at ease. When seated, they provide an assortment of breads, warmed, and baked to perfection. The appetizers are to die for as are their entrees. One of their most notable entrees that keeps me coming back is their octopus. Their baked octopus is massaged until the elasticity of its muscle fibers are no longer tough or chewy upon being served. Slightly charred at the tip of its tentacles, the octopus leaves you wanting more. Not only do these pieces of heaven melt in your mouth, but the combination of sauces and combination of greens bring out a particular seasonal and citrus-like flavor. Their sea bass is also delicious and balanced and placed on  a bed of quinoa. The flavors are well balanced and do not overpower the main star of the show. It lends its support nicely not just in flavor, but in colors as well. The rack of lamb is also an amazing feat that must be explored and ordered to get the full experience. Thalassa is definitely a favorite place to go to, but can be quite pricey. It is definitely worth every penny and a quiet sit down restaurant that is like no other.





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